Ask the Ref #3

Ask the Ref #3

Ever wonder why a referee makes a call in a particular way? Ask the Ref is the series for you! Read about the rules and situations that make up our favourite game and let us know if you have a rule you’d like us to showcase.


A Minor penalty for interference with the goaltender shall be imposed on a player who, by means of his stick or his body, interferes with or impedes the movements of the goaltender by actual physical contact. The penalty should be announced as “interference with the goaltender”.

NOTE: A goaltender is “not fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease. A penalty for interference or charging (Minor or Major) shall be called where an opposing player makes unnecessary contact with the goaltender. Likewise, Referees should be alert to penalize goaltenders for tripping, slashing, or spearing in the vicinity of the goal.

Unless the puck is in the goal crease area, a player of the attacking side may not stand in the goal crease. If the puck should enter the net while such conditions prevail the goal shall not be allowed. If an attacking player has physically interfered with the goaltender, prior to or during the scoring of the goal, the goal will be disallowed and a penalty for “interference with the goaltender” will be assessed and announced. The ensuing face-off shall be taken in the neutral zone of the offending team.

If a player of the attacking team has been physically interfered with by the actions of any defending player so as to cause him to be in the goal crease and the puck should enter the net while the player so interfered with is still in the goal crease, the goal shall be allowed.

by Mike Duggan