NYHL Rule Amendments regarding Affiliated Players

The NYHL has amended rules regarding section 5.3 Affiliated Teams and Players in order to add clarity for their intended purpose.

The following amendments have been made:

Section 5.3 b) An affiliated player may only play for a maximum of 2 games in the playoffs
  • This language did exist under 5.3 a) but has been separated on it’s own for emphasis and clarity.
Section 5.3 j) AP(s) may not be used if it causes the team to exceed the minimum bench strength requirement. (see Article 5.4)
  • The previous rule cited “approved bench strength” which has been reworded as “minimum bench strength.” This was the intended usage of the term and has been changed for clarification purposes.
Section 5.3 k) If all of your team’s rostered goalies are unavailable but your team meets the minimum bench strength requirement through its rostered skaters, you may call up an AP goalie. The same AP goalie may only be used in a maximum of 2 playoff games. A separate AP goalie or goalies can also be used, but in only 2 games maximum.
  • This rule was previously not stated but has become an issue for a handful of teams. This rule is added in order to provide clarity for teams who find themselves in this position.