How-To-Guide for getting your 2019/20 NYHL Coach’s Pass

How-To-Guide for getting your NYHL Coach’s Pass

It’s finally September and that means that a new NYHL season is just around the corner. With the upcoming season, you will have to apply for a new 2019/20 NYHL Coach’s Pass if you are volunteering with a team. This pass allows our volunteers to enter their games without paying the $5 entry fee. Here’s how to do it:


Follow this link to the Coaches Portal tab “Staff Pass”.
The Coaches Portal link can be found at the bottom of the webpage (see picture below) where you can find all sorts of resources and documents for NYHL coaches.


Fill out the information required. See the image below for an example application.

Step #3

Before hitting submit, make sure these requirements are met:

  1. Your first and last name are spelt correctly.
  2. You have selected the correct club team you are affiliated with.
    • If you are a coach or manager for multiple teams, please select one team and we will add the other team to your card.
  3. If your team is not assigned a colour, please select “No Colour” as your team colour.
    • Your team colour IS NOT the colour of your jerseys
    • The colour is to identify multiple teams under the same club and age group. Many teams will not have a colour.
  4. Make sure the position you enter is the same as the list your club submits with the NYHL office.
    1. If you submit with Asst. Coach but you are the Manager on our coaches list, we will have to manually change this which makes our life much more difficult. So please, help us out and double check!
    2. Do not put two positions if you are only credited with one. I.e. Do not put Ass’t Coach/Trainer if you are only the Trainer.
  5. Ensure the age group you selected is accurate.
  6. Please submit an active email where we can contact you in case of inaccuracies.
  7. Photo Rules:
    • Picture MUST be a head and shoulder shot
    • NO hats or sun glasses – Pass will NOT be printed if the person is wearing sunglasses or a hat

If all of these requirements have been met, go ahead and hit submit! This should take you to a page that confirms your forms have been submitted.


Your staff pass application has been completed and is in the process of being made! Your club will pickup your Coach’s Pass at the NYHL office and distribute them accordingly. Passes will not be given out on an individual basis.