Bulldogs Give Back

The East York Bulldogs Blue Minor Peewee team decided to score off of the ice this holiday season.

The team raised money for two weeks through activities such as bottle drives, bake sales and canvasing friends and family. One of the boys took his own money to buy 10 boxes of granola bars! With the help of their parents, they used the money to buy items for those in the city who are experiencing homelessness. They met in the basement of a local church and laid out the items on tables; hats, neck warmers, blankets, Tim Horton’s gift cards, gloves, socks, long johns, hand warmers, toiletries and more. The goal was to make 10 care packages, and they ended up making 24!  The packages went to a local organization called Sanctuary, a place that cares for those in need and will hand our the donated goods to them.  Some of the team members took bags to deliver on their own. Two of the boys stopped at a grocery store on the way home from their hockey game in the freezing rain and snow to deliver a bursting bag to a grateful man sitting near the door who was hoping to catch some of the heat from inside.

While most of the team was packing the bags, one of the boys and his father sat out in the cold for two hours at the Beer store doing a bottle drive. The Beer Store donated $200 to the cause! Almost $400 more was raised and the funds will be donated to the Gateway another shelter for the homeless. In addition, each team member has been given two, $5 Tim Horton’s gift cards to give to someone in need. Their parent’s have a lot to be proud of and they hope that their team has inspired their kids and others to continue giving back to their community throughout the season.

We are very proud to have them in our league!

For more information visit:
Sanctuary Toronto at www.sanctuarytoronto.ca
The Gateway at www.thegateway.ca