In Memory of Dave Armstrong

The North York Hockey league is sad to announce the passing of long serving NYHL Board Member, Dave Armstrong, on October 16th, 2023. Dave served as the NYHL 2nd Vice President for several years and was an NYHL Director prior to becoming 2nd Vice President.

Dave was truly one of the faces of the NYHL and NYHL Board of Directors. While performing the duties of an NYHL Board member, Dave, along with his family, also spent many years as Cashiers and Doorpersons at various NYHL arenas. He epitomized and set a prime example of someone who believed that ‘actions speak louder than words’. Dave was a soft-spoken man, but he always made sure his opinion was heard, especially when it came to putting the best interests of the kids/players first and foremost.

As a long serving member of the NYHL Board, Dave served on several committee’s including: Chairperson of the Referee Committee, Tiering Committee Member and Tournament Committee Member.  Dave was always the first one to step forward and volunteer for any job that needed to get done during all our NYHL annual events and various special events held over the years.

Minor hockey is built for the players, but is held together by dedicated people like Dave, who provide the backbone for organizations like the NYHL. Dave will be sorely missed within the NYHL community.