What to do if you Suspect a Concussion

Hockey is a fast paced sport that promotes teamwork, discipline, and a love for physical activity. Although there is no contact in our league, hockey carries inherent risks, particularly concussions, being a significant concern. To protect the well-being of our young athletes, a comprehensive concussion protocol that promotes safety and ensures appropriate management in the event of a head injury is available.

Below is a variety of resources and protocols in place for suspected concussions, which can also be found on our Coaches Portal.

Concussion Information

Concussion Policy

The Remove from Sport Summary Page is a great tool for parents and coaches.

The Suspected Concussion Report Form is a document that is REQUIRED to be completed by a trainer/ coach if a player is suspected to have sustained a concussion. This document must be submitted to the GTHL office as soon as possible: mfata@gthlcanada.com

The Medical Assessment Form along with a copy of the completed Suspected Concussion Form is to be provided to the family as they go to seek medical attention.

If the player is confirmed by a medical professional that they are not concussed, the Medical Assessment Letter will be forwarded to the attention of the GTHL mfata@gthlcanada.com and the player can return to sport. Please note the policy, with the advice of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Guideline and the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport, indicates that we require medical clearance from the following: family physician, pediatrician, emergency room physician, sports-medicine physician, neurologist or nurse practitioner.

If a player is diagnosed with a concussion, the Return to Sport Protocol will be initiated. Once the player completes the stages and has medical clearance (again from an approved medical professional), this form will be forwarded to the GTHL mfata@gthlcanada.com and if the coach/ trainer is comfortable returning the player, they may do so. Coaches and trainers do not need permission from the League office once a completed protocol is submitted. If there are any issues with any of the documents or if the medical clearance was not signed by the correct medical professional, the league will be sure to reach out to have this corrected.