Officials of the Month – December and January

December Official of the Month – Joe Marro

After being certified as an official in 2019, Joe started his refereeing career with the City of Vaughan Hockey Association. After a couple of years of gaining experience, a colleague introduced him to Seth Kirshenbaum.

After the conversation with Seth, he joined the North York Hockey League in 2021 as an official where he continues to gain experience and hone his skills to this day.

January Official of the Month – Ron Parkinson

Ron has been a Hockey Canada Official for 44 years. He began officiating with the West Hill Golden Hawks when he was 15 years old and also worked for the SCHL and MTHL.

After a brief break, he returned to refereeing in 1990 as a Level 3 official with various hockey clubs from Scarborough Sharks Girls,  Agincourt Canadiens & Scarborough Sabres where he was also Referee-in-Chief.
In 2014, Ron began with the NYHL and continues to this day as well as referee for various OWHA clubs and Scarborough Ice Raiders house league.