Parkdale Flames Bring the Heat to Variety Village

The minor midget Parkdale Flames headed over to Variety Village to test their abilities against their Volt Hockey team. It was the volt team’s last practice of the season, so to have a game was a nice treat. The Flames learned more about accessible sports and one player even wanted to start volunteering with the volt team next season. Variety Village won the game but some of the kids decided to mix up the teams to lend a helping hand to Parkdale.

For those that don’t know Volt Hockey is played by over 50 teams in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. It is an accessible sport that “equalizes the playing field” for youth with disabilities, allowing them to engage in a social team-based sport. Played in the Danish-designed Hockey Sport Chair, Volt Hockey only requires that players be able to manipulate a joystick.

The game is played by two teams in an indoor court or gymnasium and normally there are 3 players on each team on the court at a time, with two 15 minutes halves in a game and two referees.

We did a piece on Variety Village and their efforts to make hockey a more accessible sport last summer if you’d like to learn more.

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With Select Try Outs commencing October 3rd, the North York Hockey League is pleased to announce that our 2021/2022 Season will commence November 1st in accordance with all measures and guidelines set forth by our respective Governing Bodies in conjunction with Health Officials.

Preseason Exhibition games will be offered for those Teams that wish between Thanksgiving and October 31st.

It’s been a long 18 months and we look forward to seeing you at an Arena near you shortly!