Warren Park Soars with Bake Sale and Food Drive

This past weekend, the community spirit soared as the Warren Park Eagles organized and executed a heartwarming Bake Sale event, coupled with a Food Drive that left a lasting impact on the local Fire Hall 422. The result? A staggering 27 bags of food collected to support those in need.

From delicious homemade treats to skillfully crafted goodies, the community came together to showcase their culinary talents, enticing neighbors and passersby to indulge in delightful treats for a good cause.

However, the Warren Park Eagles did not stop at just satisfying the community’s sweet tooth. Their commitment to making a positive impact extended to a concurrent Food Drive, which aimed to alleviate hunger and support those facing food insecurity. The result was an overwhelming response from the community, as 27 bags of essential food items were collected and prepared for delivery to Fire Hall 422.

The hockey community is undefeated when giving back!