Atom Thornhill Rebels Electrify in Volt Hockey Debut

Last Saturday, the Atom Thornhill Rebels took to the gymnasium to try their hand at volt hockey at Variety Village. The Rebels took on the Variety Village Volt team after they were finished with their practice. Both teams had a fun time and  a lot was learned about accessibility.

For those that don’t know Volt Hockey is played by over 50 teams in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. It is an accessible sport that “equalizes the playing field” for youth with disabilities, allowing them to engage in a social team-based sport. Played in the Danish-designed Hockey Sport Chair, Volt Hockey only requires that players be able to manipulate a joystick.

The game is played by two teams in an indoor court or gymnasium and normally there are 3 players on each team on the court at a time, with two 15 minutes halves in a game and two referees.

We did a piece on Variety Village and their efforts to make hockey a more accessible sport last summer if you’d like to learn more.

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